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To help improve patient neck support in dental chairs, memory foam dental headrests or dental patient neck pillows are one of the best dental cushion purchases a dentist can make toward improving patient comfort in the dental chair.

Clenched fists, tight mouths, head-turning, arched backs and knees pulled up are tell-tale indicators that patients are not comfortable in your dental chair.

Many dental patients will quietly suffer from neck and back strain in the dental chair. Recognizing the signs of discomfort and having an effective strategy is not only compassionate, but important to the perception of your dental practice. A painful experience in your dental chair could have a serious effect on patient re-scheduling, retention and referral – think about it!

Back strain in dental chairs can be also be improved with a memory foam dental backrest and knee lift combination. The dental backrest helps support the contour of the lumbar spine, while the knee lift works to change the angle of the hips and relieve the muscular tension.

The great news is that effective patient comfort solutions are available. The experts at MediPosture have designed a suite of retro-fitting dental cushions that work to dramatically improve patient comfort in all dental chairs.

If you are serious about improving the comfort of your dental patients, you’ll want to explore MediPosture patient comfort solutions at MediPosture.

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