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Relax Dental Patients for Practice Growth

Have you deeply considered the financial impact that dental patient anxiety has on your dental practice? It’s estimated that up to 40 million people in the United States may suffer from dental anxiety or phobia. People who suffer from dental anxiety often hesitate to schedule appointments, or delay 6-month check-ups. The absence of these patients not only directly affects their oral health, but also impacts the ability to plan and schedule preventative treatments.

Low-Cost Strategies to Consider:

  • Make sure each patient is immediately acknowledged with a friendly greeting and conversational exchange.

  • Keep a comfortable, quiet waiting room environment and a very short wait-time for the patient.

  • Converse with the patient as you lead them to the dental operatory.

  • Offer a MediPosture memory foam neck pillow or lumbar support for improved dental chair comfort.

  • Explain each step during treatment and offer encouragement when appropriate.

By taking deliberate steps to reduce patient anxiety, you can help improve the experience of your dental patients. In turn, you might find it’s easier to schedule them for 6-month check-ups and keep your practice growing!

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