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Total Back Comfort Dental Cushion by MediPosture

Dental chairs are designed for function, not comfort. But if your dental patients are uncomfortable during their appointments, they leave your office with a bad memory. It changes their entire perception of your practice. Keep your patients as comfortable as possible with a dental cushion during their visit. It helps them relax and stay comfortable. A dental cushion helps your patients have an amazing experience.

Backrests and knee rests can provide that amazing, relaxing experience. Therefore, MediPosture recommends the ICORE Backrest and Knee Lift Combo. This system provides patients with superior lumbar support. First, the Backrest’s ICORE Support Technology combines foam science with body temperature. This helps your patients feel supported and comfortable. Then, our Knee Lift lifts more weight off your patients’ backs. This relieves pain and pressure. The surrounding muscles relax further, so your patients nearly feel weightless in your dental chair.



Dental backrest cushions can be very effective in relieving patient back pain in the dental chair. MediPosture has designed 3 superior backrest cushions for patient relief:


High-Support: This dental backrest cushion offers maximum lumbar support by utilizing firmer, high-density foam.

ICORE: Choose an ICORE backrest if you seek the perfect balance between effective lumbar support and the distinct comfort of memory foam.


Organic: A natural backrest solution. These dental backrests contain 100% organic fill from Buckwheat Hulls, for a semi-firm lumbar support experience.

Knee Lift: For the ultimate dental back strain relief, combine a dental knee lift to your dental backrest purchase. The knee lift cushion elevates the knees to significantly release pressure off the lumbar spine.  

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