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A Dental Neck Pillow can provide the neck support patients want from a dental chair

MediPosture offers premium memory foam dental neck pillows that retro-fit to the existing dental headrest of a dental chair. Positioned behind a patient’s neck, a dental neck pillow can help support the cervical spine and fill the void between the patient and the dental chair. The full neck support works to reduce neck strain and helps to relax patients.

When choosing a dental neck pillow, consider that all dental chairs are fixed with either a double-articulating or flat-style headrest. The style of your chair can greatly affect your ability to correctly position patients. Without the use of a dental neck pillow, many patients do not comfortably fit in dental chairs. These patients require dental operators to contort, reach, and strain to access the oral cavity. This can cause pain and injury to dental operators.

A dental neck pillow positions patient’s’ heads to give superior access to the oral cavity. They also provide superior comfort for your patients. MediPosture’s ICORE Support Technology combines foam science with body temperature. As a result, your patients feel supported, comfortable, and relaxed. Our dental cushions are ideal for permanent use on each of your dental chairs.

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Dental headrests provide improved support and patient head-positioning to any dental chair. They also improve patient comfort. Our classic neck cushions are constructed of 5-pound density memory foam. Additionally, its medical-grade urethane cover is easy to clean. Plus, the headrest attaches to your chair with an HD elastic strap. The strap adjusts with a heavy-duty locking clamp. Available in beige, gray, navy and black. Please see the MediPosture reference guide to match your neck cushion to your dental chair.




Our innovative memory foam headrest design gives you full customization on the go. Our ICORE Support Technology neck cushions include two interchangeable support rods. These rods empower you can choose between extra soft or firm support for optimal head positioning. Futhermore, the neck cushions are built with industry-leading 6-pound density memory foam for superior comfort and endurance characteristics. Plus, each dental cushion is covered with medical-grade urethane. Thus, you can safely clean your cushion with your favorite infection control product. Additionally, our dental neck pillows attach to your chairs with an HD elastic strap. The strap adjusts with a heavy-duty locking clamp. Available in beige, gray, navy and black. Please see the MediPosture reference guide to match to your dental chair.


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Organic-fill dental headrest pillows are a natural solution to patient neck support in dental chairs. Holistic dentists and environmentally-conscious dental practices will appreciate a more earth-friendly, hypoallergenic option to patient comfort. The MediPosture Organic headrest pillows feature US-grown, certified organic Buckwheat Hulls that provide a firmer, but gentle support characteristic. All products are MADE IN THE USA and feature infection-control cover material for efficient sterilization between patient visits.

Choosing the Best Memory Foam

Dental Headrest

MediPosture iCore Dental Headrest Pillow

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