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Dental Backrests Improve Patient Comfort in Dental Chairs

It’s estimated that over 80% of Americans will suffer from an episode of lower back pain during their lifetime.

For many dental professionals, providing comfort to patients with chronic back pain can be challenging. The simple fact is that dental chairs are designed for ergonomic benefit for the dentist – not the patient. So how do dental professionals reconcile the comfort-related shortcomings of their dental chairs to their compassionate mission to practice the “Gentle Dental” philosophy?

To ensure maximum relief, MediPosture recommends the dental knee lift and backrest combo kit. This two-cushion set offers substantially more relief than stand-alone backrests.

The way it works is:

  1. The dental backrest cushion supports the void in the lumbar spine.

  2. The dental knee lift raises the patient’s knees, which rotates the hips to a position that relaxes the tissue surrounding the lower vertebrae. This allows for greater comfort and a general feeling of “weightlessness.”

If you see patient comfort as part of your dental care mission, or even as a dental marketing strategy, you’ll want to strongly consider the benefit of this two-cushion system for patient back pain relief. Check out this knee lift and backrest combo and other premium-quality comfort products at MediPosture.

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