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Dental Chair Comfort Affects Profitability

When is the last time your dental patients needed more comfort in the dental chair? Chances are that you make special accommodations every day.

Neck pain, lower back strain, shoulders, hips and the list goes on. The truth is, factory dental chairs aren’t designed to accommodate and compensate for chronic pain.

For those who offer special assistance, do you remember what brand of pillow or positioning device you used? Folded bath towels and paper towel rolls have no rightful place in a professional dental office. These “make-shift” positioning assists present sketchy optics to patients and legitimate questions about the honesty of infection-control protection.

I think we can agree on the high importance of patient comfort. The comfort a patient experiences in the dental chair is the flagship impression of your dental practice. Want to produce a more favorable impression with patients? Make them comfortable.

Since patient comfort is so important, shouldn’t your dental practice use high-quality, professional dental supports? MediPosture has designed a line of premium dental chair comfort products that can efficiently address patient needs. We offer memory foam dental headrests, backrests, knee lifts and dental chair overlay pads. Purchase MediPosture brand products and be ready to deliver professional and safe comfort to your dental patients. It’ll be one of the best impressions you’ll ever make.

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