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Find Money in Your Dental Chair

Finding money in your dental chairs is like digging between the cushions of your couch at home – you’ll discover it in the upholstery. The more it’s sat on, the more money you’ll find. Similar to that couch back home, your practice’s dental chairs are the most central pieces of furniture you own – they provide the best chance to deliver a relaxing experience. Don’t believe comfort matters? According to one study, over 60% of the population has dental anxiety.

So why lose the chance to relax patients, by providing only the stiff, clinical feel of a factory upholstered dental chair? The comfort of your dental chair is a direct reflection of how much you care. Make patients comfortable and you’ll likely see a measurable increase in their loyalty to schedule 6-month checkups, patient retention, referrals and glowing online reviews.

MediPosture dental chair cushion accessories are an excellent upholstery comfort solution that can help you find the money in your dental chair. If you hear patients complain about neck pain, memory foam dental headrests that are neck pillows that help support the cervical arch, which can improve their tolerance for reclining. Lower back strain can be addressed with a dental back rest or knee lift to help release tension in the lumbar area. Patients who suffer from chronic medical conditions or that have special needs, they can benefit from the soft, full-body support of a memory foam dental chair overlay pad. The money you find in your dental chairs may surprise you. A small investment to upgrade the comfort of your chair will be noticed. Conversely – the lack of comfort will get noticed too.

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