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Pediatric Dentistry and Dental Ergonomics

When treating small kids, consider the risk to your muscular safety and health. If you are modifying your dental ergonomic posture by stretching or bending to gain access to the oral cavity, you are placing yourself at a high-risk for musculoskeletal injury to the neck, shoulders and lower back.

Maintain your posture and work safer with a child booster seat by MediPosture. The child booster helps to position the child closer to the headrest of the dental chair – the position intended for treating patients.

MediPosture child booster seats also offers efficiency and safety. They universally fit to any dental chair, can be stored between patient visits and can be quickly disinfected with infection-control sprays or wipes.

Nobody likes a pain in the neck. So if you find your dental ergonomic game plan needing a boost, check out the MediPosture child booster seat. It might be what the doctor needs to order.

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