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3.5" - Classic Dental Headrest

3.5" - Classic Dental Headrest

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This high-quality memory foam dental headrest by MediPosture is designed to improve accurate ergonomic head-positioning and patient comfort in dental chairs. Deluxe features include: Anti-microbial cover for easy infection control, zipper closure and heavy-duty elastic back straps that adjust with a locking clamp. Available Colors: Beige, Black, Gray and Navy. 8”L x 6.25″W x 3.5”H


    A Memory Foam Dental Headrest will Improve Patient Comfort

    This CLASSIC series memory foam dental headrest by MediPosture helps reduce patient neck strain in articulating dental chairs. Neck strain commonly occurs when dentists deeply recline patients for ergonomic access to the oral cavity.

    With articulating dental chairs, the factory headrest of the dental chair only supports the occipital region of the patient’s head. The absence of support to the patient’s neck often leads to uncomfortable strain. A MediPosture memory foam dental headrest can relieve patient neck strain by filling the void between the patient and the dental chair.

    Correctly sizing a dental headrest is very important. If a dental headrest is too thick, the patient’s chin will point toward their chest. A headrest that is correctly matched to a dental chair should actually improve head-positioning by supporting the neck and gently “rolling” the head backward. MediPosture recommends the low-profile 3.5” thick CLASSIC series dental cushion for dental chairs with an articulating headrest.

    MediPosture brand dental headrests are built with premium quality materials and features that you will not find in other headrests. Our CLASSIC series headrests use a higher-specification memory foam that provides greater neck support and longer wear characteristics. The covers also offer features such as slide-adjusting, heavy-duty elastic back straps and zipper closures. As a final step, MediPosture dental headrests are hand-fitted at the factory so that every cover is tight-fitting and professional in appearance.

    Dental headrests by MediPosture also feature an anti-microbial cover material for optimized infection-control. This soft, urethane material was designed by medical professionals to withstand the high-standards and rigors of a dental operatory. The material contains no latex or phthalates. For cleaning between patient visits, this cover material may be sterilized using infection-control compounds commonly used in the dental operatory.

    There are many advantages to using a memory foam dental headrest. At MediPosture, we invite you to try one and see the difference it can make on your dental chair!


    Primarily recommended for Adults, Children and Geriatric patients.

    Available Colors: Beige, Black, Gray and Navy

    Measures: 8”L x 6.25W x 3.5”H


    Safe Materials for Superior Infection Control

    All MediPosture dental cushions offer excellent infection control. They are covered with a medical-grade urethane designed to withstand disinfection cleanings between patient visits. Simply wipe down your dental cushions with your favorite infection control product.

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