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4" - ICORE Dental Headrest

4" - ICORE Dental Headrest

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This premium memory foam dental headrest cushion by MediPosture offers proper neck support with ICORE Technology, which helps improve accurate ergonomic head-positioning and patient comfort in dental chairs. Deluxe dental headrest features include: Interchangeable foam core for adjustable comfort, anti-microbial cover for easy infection control, zipper closure and heavy-duty elastic back straps that adjust with a locking clamp. Available Colors: Beige, Black, Gray and Navy. 8”L x 6.25″W x 4”H


    The ICORE memory foam dental headrest cushion by MediPosture features an advanced, distortion resistant design. While other memory foam headrests tend to flatten once weight is applied, an ICORE dental headrest cushion features greater structural integrity. This allows for correctly setting the occlusal plane at 15-20 degrees for easier access to the oral cavity.

    To maximize head-positioning control and comfort, an ICORE MediPosture dental headrest cushion is built to a higher technical quality standard than other headrests. The sloping headrest design offers fuller neck support, while the downward slope gently allows patient’s head to slightly “tilt” backward. This results in a greater open-jaw effect. Easy access to the patient’s mouth can help reduce dental operator strain injury.

    We take the performance of our ICORE series dental headrest design even further by exclusively using a super-quality, 6-pound, high-density memory foam that offers the greatest resistance to distortion of any headrest. The structural support is further enhanced by ICORE Technology, a stiff-foam inner-support core within the headrest that keeps the dental patient’s neck fully supported at the correct height. The lofted position of the neck, then nuances the head to eagerly “roll” backward for improved access to the mouth. ICORE series memory foam dental headrests are the superior choice to improve chairside ergonomics for dental professionals who struggle between making patients comfortable and protecting themselves from musculoskeletal injury.


    Available Colors: Beige, Black, Gray and Navy.


    8”L x 6.25″W x 4”H


    Safe Materials for Superior Infection Control

    All MediPosture dental cushions offer excellent infection control. They are covered with a medical-grade urethane designed to withstand disinfection cleanings between patient visits. Simply wipe down your dental cushions with your favorite infection control product.

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