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The Hidden Cost of Chronic Neck Pain in Dentistry

Business savvy dental professionals might want to consider that according to research conducted by the American College of Rheumatology, chronic neck pain is a condition “ …affecting 30 –50% of adults in the general population in any given year.” Logically, we can then reason that half of all dental patients and dental professionals would be prone to, or are presently enduring chronic neck pain.

How might chronic neck pain affect the profitability of a dental practice?

First, a dental practice should consider what steps they are taking toward maximizing the comfort experience of their dental patients. For chronic neck pain sufferers, this means offering enhanced neck support beyond that of a factory dental chair.

When a factory dental chair headrest is fully articulated, the patient’s neck is arched backward and is left unsupported. For some patients, this positioning might aggravate or trigger an episode of chronic neck pain. As dental practice owner, you’ll want to take preventative steps so that a visit to your dental chair isn’t associated with neck pain. It’s not the kind of marketing you want…

Concerned dental professionals might consider a MediPosture memory foam dental neck pillow. These dental pillows are top-quality, dental neck pillows that retro-fit to dental chairs and are designed to offer full neck support to patients during recline. The soft memory foam conforms to the arch in the cervical spine and comfortably supports the patient’s neck by filling the void between the patient and the dental chair.

Comfortable and pain-free dentistry experiences should improve the profitability of a dental practice by increasing patient acceptance of 6-month checkups, retention, glowing on-line reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. After all, who wouldn’t want to talk about how their dentist just offered them a memory foam neck cushion!?

Secondly, dental professionals also need to seriously consider dental ergonomics when treating patients. If a dental patient complains about being reclined, usually adjustments or compromises are made. As a dental professional, compromised positioning puts you at risk for musculoskeletal injury, which can affect not only your neck, but also your shoulders, back and arms. In some cases, these injuries can force an early retirement.

Dental professionals can take steps to avoid chronic neck pain and other dental ergonomic related issues by using dental neck pillows. These pillows can increase the tolerance of patients for ergonomically correct recline. When patients are correctly positioned, dental operators can maintain safe, ergonomic working angles. Healthy dental operators who don’t suffer from chronic neck pain or other musculoskeletal injuries, offer greater productivity, less medical-related leave and insurance claims for the dental practice.

With nearly half the population susceptible or suffering from chronic neck pain, it makes sense to recognize the impact it may have on the profitability of your dental practice. Uncomfortable patients do not make happy and returning patients. Dental operators who compromise ergonomic positioning for the sake of the patient put themselves at physical risk, loss of efficiency and ultimately the profitability of the dental practice. Consider addressing these issues with a quality, memory foam dental neck pillow by MediPosture. With happy customers and healthy dental operators, business can only improve – right?

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