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When Dental Headrest Pillows Need Replacing

How old is your dental headrest pillow?​ If you can’t recall, it’s probably time to replace. The average life-cycle of a typical memory foam dental cushion seems to range around 3 to 5 years.​ A dental headrest with better-wear characteristics? Choose MediPosture brand and follow these tips:​

1. CLEANING SOLUTIONS: For maximum dental headrest life, choose an infection-control solution that is ammonium-based. Alcohol-based solutions tend to shorten the life-cycle of dental cushions by “drying” out the cover.​

2. MEMORY FOAM DENSITY: Choose a quality dental headrest that features a higher-density memory foam. Denser memory foam has a greater resistance to breaking-down from repeated use. Look for memory foams that are rated with a 5-pound or 6-pound density.

​3. FIXTURE STRAPS: Consider a dental headrest with back straps that can be tightly adjusted to fit the dental chair. Avoid thin, fixed length elastic back straps, as they tend to over-stretch with repeated use. MediPosture dental headrests feature EXTRA-THICK elastic back straps that can be drawn-tightly and locked in place with a clamp. This virtually eliminates over-stretching. ​

If you haven’t done so already, consider switching to MediPosture dental headrests if your older dental headrest needs replacing. MediPosture uses higher-specification materials and professional features that help contribute to a longer-lasting dental headrest. Try one and see the quality difference!

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