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Big Label Coffee Slowing Dental Practice Growth?

Do you use a dental headrest on your dental chair? If not, you should consider the potential marketing value of patient comfort. A more favorable patient comfort experience in the dental chair, could directly improve the frequency of six-month check-ups, patient retention and referrals. There is a tremendous value in that.

Let’s be honest, dental chairs are designed for the ergonomic benefit of dentists. Patient-positioning takes priority over comfort. Dental professionals need to maintain correct working posture; especially when practicing repetitive motions daily.

A dental headrest could be the patient comfort solution that balances out the cold science of ergonomic positioning. Consider that articulating dental chairs recline patients by resting their head on a small “plate” that is flexed at a 15-20 degree angle. This provides easy access to the oral cavity, but often leaves the patient’s neck unsupported and strained. The introduction of a properly designed headrest can provide the desired neck support and still allow for ergonomic head-positioning.

MediPosture offers a correct-size memory foam dental headrest for articulating dental chairs. We recommend using a low-profile, 3.5” thick headrest that helps support the curvature of the cervical spine. The MediPosture headrest design also features a sloping angle that helps to gently “roll” the head backward with the head pad of the chair. The combined effect is that dentists still maintain their ergonomic work angles and patients are more comfortable in the dental chair.

So for about the cost of a week’s worth of big-label coffee, you could choose a long-term investment in the “comfort” marketing of your dental practice. Perhaps undiscovered growth awaits!

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