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How to Improve Comfort for Special Needs Dental Patients

Are you a dental professional seeking a safe and more comfortable dental chair strategy to accommodate special needs and special care dental patients?

Typically, these patients are described as pediatric, adult or geriatric dental patients requiring special medical, physical or psychiatric considerations during treatment.

For special needs or care patients, dental chairs often fall short to adequately support chronic spinal conditions, soothe anxieties, stabilize or accurately position patients for comfort during treatments. Too often patient comfort is achieved at the ergonomic expense of dental operators, which can lead to professionally-crippling musculoskeletal injury.

Safe and effective comfort and ergonomically correct positioning solutions are now available. Many professionals who treat special needs and special care patients are choosing MediPosture dental chair cushions for their exceptional comfort, ergonomic-designs and durability.

The MediPosture Dental Chair Overlay Pad set is highly recommended for dental practices who treat patients with special considerations. Included in each set is a memory foam dental headrest designed for optimal patient neck support and positioning, a backrest to properly support the lumbar spine, a knee lift to further release pressure off the lower back and a thick, memory foam chair overlay pad for soothing, full-body comfort.

MediPosture cushions are covered with a soft and very supple, medical-grade material that is extremely resistant to tearing, staining or wear from daily use. The urethane material used for the product covers is designed to meet stringent medical-environment requirements and endure repetitive sterilization with solutions commonly found in the dental operatory.

So if you are a dental professional looking for a more efficient, comfortable and safer way to provide treatment to special needs and care patients, you should explore the advantage that MediPosture can uniquely offer.

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